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Originally Posted by KingOfJericho View Post
How the hell do you curb wheels (I should stop here, but I'll keep going) on the left side of the car!?!? I've had my 1er for 3 years and have immaculate wheels on all four corners. I just don't understand how people could have trouble judging the dimensions of this car!
Come on, cut me a little slack, your highness. Here's how they all went down:

First one - right rear into curb while turning right and misjudging distance from curb.

Second one - right front into curb while making sweeping u-turn and misjudging distance from curb.

Third one - left front while pulling out of pay parking lot and hitting curb next to ticket booth.

Fourth one - same as third one, except this time left rear.

A little deft touch with the dremel grindstone attachment, a light sanding and a little silver paint is all it takes to make the rash barely noticeable.

I would blame my misfortune on my advancing age (64), but my E36 M3 has a stellar set of wheels that have never kissed a curb. Something about the 1M just makes me a little goofy, I guess.

I do have the tilting mirror feature and it is great. I have never curbed a wheel whilst parallel parking.

Under any circumstance, life is too short to get all that anal about the nicks and dings of outrageous fortune, although when that first one happened it was less than 24 hours after having written the check for the car and I did say a bad word or two, at volume.