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Originally Posted by SSSnakeman View Post
IMO buying a BMW without sport package is a big mistake. I see it as a mistake someone new to BMW might make the first time but never again.
So true...

My first BMW was a stripped down 1999 323i with hardly any options and no packages. Hey I was a broke 18 year old who saved up all his money for this car. The standard seats felt fine to me at the time because I didn't know any better.

My next three BMWs were a 2000 330i, a 2008 335i and currently a 2011 135i, all had Sport packages and I will never go back to a non-Sport packaged BMW. The Sports seats with adjustable side bolsters and thigh support is awesome and to me a must-have. The Sports suspension and summer tires are also a must-have in my book. The 3-spoke steering wheel is nice too. Course, most of this is irrelevant on the 135i since most of this is standard anyway.

Bottom line, not getting the Sports package is really a BMW noob mistake. Learn from us and you won't make the same mistakes.