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Originally Posted by firechicken99
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I am not going to make that one but will be doing an scda event at that track sooner than later. It's easy to get to and I like the track itself. I will keep you posted on my days
Cool let me know!

I couldnt make the previous event (its not CCA) but its basically time trial racing, apparently one car running at a time (to make it "safer") and the only hold up is that if its your first event you need to participate as a "student". Basically do the same thing except not timed and demonstrate you can handle your car around a track.... Just something I recall reading about and may consider getting into

Christmas came early today!!

I swear this was clearer on the smartphone SMH
Very nice. I ordered mine yesterday along with some ss lines and decent fluid. I am friendly with a bunch of weirdos on this forum that don't post but do attend a lot of events. I will keep you posted on the schedules as I now know your very local.