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Originally Posted by NYC6
Originally Posted by flinchy View Post
Except you cant prove this since no one has really tried? Heck shitty 1.8 4cyl mitsu engines can hit 300hp

Sure the n52 wont handle stupid power like 600+hp etc but 300-350 stw on 6-7lb of boost i dont find physically unreasonable?
Heres proof right here. BMW's own I6 production manager, the head guy in BMW's I6 powerplants saying exactly what I said about the weaker Mg/Al N52 block. And I quote Mr. Welter,"

In the case of the magnesium-aluminum block, Welter says, “Right now, the crankcase-stress of the turbocharged engine is above the limit of the aluminum/magnesium crankcase.”
Okay so we have someone 'saying' it rather than providing actual proof of trashed engine - if mmw's car gets trashed, at least we'll have proof.. And if it doesn't? What the hell was bmw talking about?

Unless sc puts dfferent pressure on the engine than turbo ?