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Originally Posted by flinchy View Post
people who've actually physically done things to it?

i work on mobile phone (radio transmission) systems, and i could say a particular piece of hardware can only tolerate xyz, but the reality is i can't be sure until it's been put under that sort of load.

and the 7psi of a supercharger is less than the 20 odd that would be put through on a turbocharged system anyway, different systems flow volumes of air differently.
So, you dont think BMW with all its avalable R&D funds and many, many mech engineers and all that they offer never tested their state of the art engine(block, internals...) to see what pressures it could take? Do you think they wanted to spend all that money and time in developing a new engine(N54) to handle the F/I if they could have used the N52? I dont think so.

The N54/55 engines are factory boosted to a little over 8lbs not 20+. They are turned up a bunch by some aftermarket tuners though and thats often when problems start.
If the N52 could have reliably handled 7-8lbs of boost I'm confident they would have used it. I think Mr. Welters satement says it all and ends debate. Sure, you might see someone come out with a kit. There are always unscupulous companies looking to make a buck not caring who they might hurt but respectable companies likely wont touch this with a ten ft pole, and havent in 8 years! They know the repercussions down the road with grenaded engines and mad customers everywhere.
There are many tried and true ways to make good N/A power with the N52 engines. F/I isnt the way to go though.

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