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I was in yor same position, but I couldnt find the Pole Positions here in Mexico, so I went ahead with the PSS.

FWIW, I was pretty concerned about all the reviews about the "loss in sharpness" when ditching the RFT, but at least in my opinion its a little overexagerated by some. I got the tires inflated with nitrogen at 40 psi and I could only feel a LITTLE diference in sharpness the first day, afer that, you dont even notice.

I think it doesnt really affect the performance of the car at all, only the way you feel it if you're extremely picky ann like complaining about minor things.

In conclussion, PSS are relly good tires, I normally dont believe in the internet reviews as they all talk wonders abut all products, but these tires really perform. Pus they are supposed to last longer than tires with less threadwear and same or less grip.