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Why is my one wheel harder to clean than the others?

I bought a set of four wheels from a fellow forum member a few months ago. Three of them are fine... but the fourth is... well.. it's retarded.

Compared to the other three, which have none or maybe one chip, this one has dozens. Also, when I spray the other wheels with water, a quick detailer spray, or a wheel cleaner, and wipe them with a microfiber or brush them with a wheel brush, they get clean. This one doesn't. The brake dust just smears around and doesn't come off. I've tried using tarminator and dish soap to try and strip off anything that might be coating the wheel and causing this, but it hasn't really helped. Every other wheel comes out looking shiny on the silver lip and dark black on the center part (the wheels are Miro STP-3). This one just ends up with brown smudges where it should be black, and the lip is never shiny because it just ends up looking dull and dirty.

What on earth could be causing this? The other three wheels are absolutely perfect. This one is just embarrassing at this point because the brake just just builds up more and more. Sure, some wipes off, but I can never get it actually clean like the other wheels. Just a big smear of brown coating the wheel. What is going on!? And is it related to the wheel's propensity to chip more than the other wheels?

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