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Originally Posted by robertm View Post
Awesome job! Sounds like you guys are going to kick some serious butt there pretty soon

It's really impressive that you've been able to build a car that competitive right away. Any issues with the brakes acting up while braking in a turn?
We were surprised that the car was so competitive straight away. But I think we've used so many components that are well tested on road/track cars by owners and tuners. It also helps that some components on the 1M are from other BMW models that suppliers have been tuning for a while.

No brake issue, just having to get use to them. The system is different from my old E46 M3. The pedal goes really hard on ABS and then can be a little long on the next application but comes back.

I do find the car very tail happy if you try to trail brake to far into a faster corner. The rear end wants to overtake the front a lot more than the M3.
All part of learning the car. For the last 3 years I've been driving a front wheel drive MINI Challenge car, that was a learning curve in itself and now to go back to a powerful rear wheel drive is an enjoyable challenge.