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Originally Posted by andrey_gta
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Heres proof right here. BMW's own I6 production manager, the head guy in BMW's I6 powerplants saying exactly what I said about the weaker Mg/Al N52 block. And I quote Mr. Welter,"

In the case of the magnesium-aluminum block, Welter says, “Right now, the crankcase-stress of the turbocharged engine is above the limit of the aluminum/magnesium crankcase.”
not to distract people from the Boost discussion, this same article has this info about n52 displacement/stroker posibility:

“Only a marginal increase of the displacement is possible (for the I-6 engine). However, an increase is not planned,” Welter says. “This is consistent with our Efficient Dynamics program and philosophy, which improves performance and at the same time reduces fuel consumption.”

so 3.2 n52 means no MPG
As far as i've read, the 3.2 kit doesn't change day to day driving, only if you hammer it lo
Ed: and 3.0 to 3.2 is way beyond marginal haha