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Originally Posted by JimD View Post

...I've had one blow out in 40+ years driving and it was on a dry rotted boat trailer tire. I feel pretty safe with my compressor and no spare - but I feel better equipped with my full sized spare equipped SUV.

If you get a spare, make sure you keep it aired up (and/or carry a compressor). I don't know about bmw spares but others I have used need 60 psi. They leak down quicker than your car tires. A flat spare doesn't do much good.


That is very good advice. Yes, this BMW mini spare does need 60 psi or 4 bar of air pressure. I normally check it every quarterly year for proper pressure.

This flat I had was some 450 kms from home. It really sucked driving the 113 kms from my hotel to the 'Ring where I met another 1addict member who was kind enough to loan me his winter wheel. Thanks Wade (Swadeness)!

My last flat was about four years ago over here. That was local to my house - and that car had a full size spare.

Like I said... I will buy a full size spare now... bc this really sucked to drive on that mini spare. No way would I would want to drive all the way back home limited to 80 kph. I don't even think one of those mini spares can last that distance. ?

The guy from BMW assistance said that given a choice you don't want to use that Mobility glue in the tire. It makes a mess(some might leak out - onto the car) but it will also create a lot of vibration, since you have about a liter of glue - slushing around in a tire with a screw in it. He said a spare, even a space saver is a better way to drive. So that is what I went/used.

To BMW's (Germany) credit they even checked local BMW dealers and tire dealers IF they had an OE tire in my size. ON A SUNDAY! But no one did. I was really surprised they would bring me to a dealer that had a tire in stock and open up the shop. For me it was better to meet my friend and use his winter wheel.


PS: years ago I had a mechanic friend of mine who's wife's car had a flat. She called him up at work.. and he came to change her tire. Seems, HER car(a VW Jetta) did not have a jack(he had took it out for some reason... ?) So he brought her a jack and changed her tire. After he mounted that space saver mini... when he let the car down... the space saver tire was FLAT! Talk about a face slap! He never checker his car's tire's spare for air pressure!!! Now he does.