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Originally Posted by flzrider View Post
I agree with jkoral, the 335is and 1M's N54 should be covered. There is no difference in our turbos compared to any other N54.

I asked the same question here:

Who do we have to call to get them to add coverage for us?

as per your request...

I agree with the thought in that 1M's and 335is etc will also be covered..

Looking from the outside, one would guess that if the car is not listed, then it is not covered... BMW prints / releases those bulletins as a Guide.. There is another document which all dealers MUST review before doing any of this work and that is the DCS history report.. On that report there will be a "comments" box... in that comment box will be the notation for any dealer to see that the "extended warranty" applies.. this is similar to the notation for all the HPFP's that have there warranty extended also..

The DCS report is Vin specific so one would have to supply the vin to the dealer and have him run the report so that it can be read...

as said previous it appears to be an oversite wont be the first or last time..

p.s. There are 2 versions of the N54 turbo.. one with Intergral wastegates, and one without.. the ones with, are used for replacement and later production OEM installs. I do not recall when the switch went into effect.

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