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Originally Posted by NYC6 View Post
Werent the WG's revised? Thought I read that somewhere.
Someone told me that too, but in, user "cvc 22349a" says Fall 2007 the arms went from 6mm to 8mm, which would mean all US 135i/1M have the revised WG.

It's also confirmed at this German site:

The page above has some interesting info, especially with regard to the lag software and wastegate rattles, for example:

Q: Which type of wastegates have I got? My car falls into the period 09/07 to January, 17th, 2008? A: Have your dealer look at them. He has to measure the thickness of the rods in order to find out (old ones are 6mm diameter, new ones 8mm). There is no VIN-based database on that. However, if your wastegates don't rattle, you are not entitled to a preventive hardware replacement anyway - and since May 2009, you aren't even if they do.

Q: I own a 135i and feel lag. Is my car elegible for the wastegate retrofit? A: Almost surely not. 99.9% of 135i were build after 05/08 and have MSD81, so they are "Case 1".

Regardless it doesn't appear the revised WG has solved the problem.