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Originally Posted by NYC6 View Post
Saying the 1M isnt based off the 135 is like saying the Z06 isnt based off the Corvette, Shelby GT 500 isnt based off the Mustang.
The Z06 is, the the Shelby is and the 1M is also. To say otherwise is flat out wrong. Nit picking at its worst.
NYC, no one ever said the 1M isn't based on the 1series, but to mod a 135 and try and pass it off as a 1M is just plain wrong, and that is what this whole thread is about.

So regardless of whether it's a base Corvette or a Mustang GT, you can't mod it and call it a Z06 or a Shelby. Even if you replicate it down to every single bolt and part, it's still just a replica. Not nit-picking, just a fact.