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Originally Posted by Mr.Metak2you View Post
NYC, no one ever said the 1M isn't based on the 1series, but to mod a 135 and try and pass it off as a 1M is just plain wrong, and that is what this whole thread is about.

So regardless of whether it's a base Corvette or a Mustang GT, you can't mod it and call it a Z06 or a Shelby. Even if you replicate it down to every single bolt and part, it's still just a replica. Not nit-picking, just a fact.
Well, actually you did but your post saying that mysteriously disapeared! Imagine that.
Anyway, it seems you've had a rethinking and see clearly now. Alls good.

Ageed, I hate faux, homage, clone cars or whatever they call them. Like wearing a fake Rolex. No respect at all from me.