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Originally Posted by NYC6
I only know yours was deleted because I couldnt believe you typed it and remember it well. You challenged Brokenvert and you were pissed because how dare he say that the 1M was based on the 135 and dared him to say on the M3 board that it was based on the 335.
You said it, own it like a man.
One of the things I hate more than phoney car drivers are liars.
It's called an analogy. If there is a 335 that has done an M3 conversion and BrokenDwnVert makes the statement that the M3 is based on the 335 it wouldn't go over well. I said that, but where do you get off calling me a liar and a phoney. Seem like you might be living in that glass house. I never insulted you once in my post response to you. What pisses me off is when someone tries to put words in my mouth, I never said the 1M wasn't based on the 1series, that's common knowledge.