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Originally Posted by NYC6 View Post
I only know yours was deleted because I couldnt believe you typed it and remember it well. You challenged Brokenvert and you were pissed because how dare he say that the 1M was based on the 135 and dared him to say on the M3 board that it was based on the 335.
You said it, own it like a man.
One of the things I hate more than phoney car drivers are liars.
Mr.Metak2you never said that. I deleted Mr.Metak2you and BrokenVert 's posts - bc they were off topic. I even went back and reread both of all their posts! The reason why they were deleted was bc it kept pulling this thread off topic. NYC6 you are putting words in Metak's mouth.

I have had enough of this silliness - thread closed.