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Originally Posted by JimD View Post
I'm not debating, I am only pointing out the errors in NYC6's posts. There is nothing in the article he references, at least nothing I can find, that says the n52 is inferior to the n54 as he suggests. All I saw was a statement that it is not strong enough for turbo charging. That is not what NYC suggests. Silly lies to support his view.

Even a child could do the math 1.8 times 1.5 = 2.7

I am not trying to argue which engine is better. I am only suggesting that if somebody wants to criticize the n52 they do so based upon facts and not lies.

No where in my post on the previous page do I say its inferior. In fact I say its a good engine. All I did was supply a link stating why BMW themselves say why the N52 wont be used in turbo cars. You choose to think you know better than the professional who make these engines says a lot about you.
My math really isnt that good truth be known but I am able to use a calculator and subtract 33% from 2.7 and come up with 1.8. The rest of the world must be children also because everywhere its known that mg is about 30% lighter than al. And not stronger as you previously said. Facts are facts. Just because you choose to not admit it to yourself doesnt make it so. You keep living in your childlike fantasy word.

You didnt answer my question earlier. Maybe you will this time. We can hope you'll take your head out long enough to respond.
Why doesnt BMW utilize the stronger blocks in all their cars? A new one also, why wont there be anymore of these blocks in any of next years BMW's? Inquiring minds want to know.