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Ran Thunderhill on Saturday air temps was around 95. I have been reading this post but wanted to try my mods before posting. I have an upgraded oil cooler and other small changes I have done to help get the oil temps down. I was running my Cobb tune on aggresive. My oil temps stayed just below 250 thats right below 250 after the
1st lap to the last. I was supprised and happy with the results. I have been trying and doing things to keep the temps down and wanted to keep them at or below 250. You do need a good oil cooler but the rest of the changes are cheap.

Here are the things that I have done. I closed off all air leaks in the ducting going to my Setrab oil cooler. The air coming in has to go throught the oil cooler no leaks. Also placed 1/4 inch race screen at the back of the cooler to make sure the flow coming out is not blocked but rocks coming off the tires do not damage the cooler. Also 1/4 inch race screen in front of the cooler to protect the front of the cooler. I run a 75/25 water/coolant and water wetter. I removed the cowl at the back of the engine to allow hot air out of the engine bay and built covers for the brake reservior and electronics on the other side to protect them from the engine heat. I do not have a stock intake and covered the holes above the radiator to force more air through the radiator. I also removed the rubber seal on the front of the engine bay to allow more air in. I have also removed the stock oil thermo and run a 180. Also before going to the track I clean all the bugs off the front of my raditor.