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Originally Posted by blutattoo View Post
I like the thought of the M3 bit's but have heard mixed reviews about the front suspensions components when it comes to understeer on the track. I read a couple of posts that suggested it actually increased understeer in autox even though it made the car much flatter when turning. I'm not sure it would make me quicker on the track, but probably a vast improvement over stock during normal spirited driving.

I guess if you consider BMW has a multi-million dollar r&d budget. The suspension bits are about as good as they're gonna get.
Unfortunately not the case. The bushings in the front suspension arms are very soft. Its because they are designed for run-flat tires. It is possible to upgrade to aftermarket bushings without changing the front suspension arms. The M3 arms include proper rubber bushings and also give increased negative camber. This small amount of negative front camber makes a really big difference to the handling over stock in a street driving scenario - MUCH LESS understeer! If you want to really dial-out understeer in autox, you will probably want to get camber plates to get even more negative camber. Although I don't run autox, I would say that camber plates + upgraded tension strut bushings is an alternative to the M3 front arm kit.