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Coming from a GTI...

Hi all,

The lease on my 2010 GTI is up in a few months, and while it's been a great car (with none of the VW gremlins, knock on wood), I really, really miss RWD after an AWD car followed by the FWD GTI. At the same time, the GTI has really spoiled me with its refinement and fantastic interior (which is really important with my current commute, at 80 mies a day).

I had high hopes for the FR-S/BRZ twins, and a test drive revealed the BRZ to be an absolute blast, but the interior is utter garbage. I had an Impreza 2.5i before the GTI, and if I had been coming from that, it'd have been OK, but not so much coming from a GTI.

I had seriously considered a Oner before the GTI, but couldn't stomach the extra cost at the time. Now, I'm thinking it'll be worth it, especially considering it'll be my last chance to get a normally aspirated inline 6 (I'm considering the 128i, mostly).

Any one else here come out of a GTI lately? I've found a few threads from the past, but nothing terribly recent. Most folks also seemed to gravitate toward the 135 (shocking), but the GTI has gotten me into enough trouble... I can't see a car with an extra 100 HP doing me any favors there. Plus, I plan on buying this time around, instead of leasing, and I just don't feel like dealing with the potential HPFP/turbo/wastegate/valve buildup issues in the long-term.

For what it's worth, I'm thinking specifically of a 128i/6 speed manual/M sports package (along with leather/HK/heated seats/HIDs, including the damn premium package for 2013 ).

Thoughts welcome.