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Kafer: It's funny, I've thought the same thing about the MK6's interior vs. the 1's interior, but I didn't want to come on a BMW forum and say a VW had a better interior. It's little things (the real aluminum trim around the vents and the steering wheel, etc.), but it's noticeable. Of course, going between the 1 and the BRZ was like night and day.

The other comparisons are great too. The GTI is stick, and whatever I get next will be as well (I need 3 pedals, ha). Either of the sports packages are a definite too, and maybe more for the seats than anything else.

I actually don't even want the premium package (I hate sunroofs, and power seats annoy the hell out of me), but for 2013, if I want Xenon headlights, it's a must. I have HIDs on the GTI, and I can't fathom having another DD without them, but it turns a $900 option into a ~$3000 option (discounting leather, since I was going to get that anyway).

It's not a settled debate (I still have plenty of time), but I'm leaning about as heavily toward the 1 as I can right now.