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Originally Posted by ///M1 View Post
Nice. How far away is the official release you reckon?
I believe if you call Jeff at Ohlins, he will be able to quote you for this setup now. I received my invoice yesterday. The ride is absolutely amazing. The road holding is much better than stock (and definitely more sensitive), with cornering there is very little body movement and when the back end breaks loose, it is a very predictable, controlled break. I'm very pleased with the results. Everything is completely adjustable. Shocks are two-way adjustable, ride height is fully adjustable, camber is fully adjustable. I couldn't ask for more! Can't wait to put it on the track soon, and really play around with the adjustments. Ohlins did a great job!

If you want more information, send your questions in a PM. I've pretty much left this thread alone, since it went so far off course.