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Originally Posted by JasonCSU View Post
It was a toss up between that and the Ferrari 250 on my list. The 300 SL and SLR are timeless classics.
Originally Posted by ///M1 View Post
Indeed they are, hence why I somewhat struggle to put cars on that list, because at the end of the day it is about having the ability to enjoy them. Cars with such stature are dream collectables where every additional mile (and exposure to the open road) will hurt their value, one of the downsides of owning a special (and expensive) classic car - most of the time you only get to watch it from afar!
Was looking at Mecum auctions on TV, and in fact went to the Barrett Jackson in Palm Beach, was sad to see some cars that were bought back 40 or so yrs ago with the thought/intent that they would become classics (and hence fetch a high price), only for that never to materialize. There were 1970s Caddys (mostly convertibles) and a plethora of various 'special' edition Mustangs with well under 100 miles on the odometer, but in most cases those cars didn't even return their sticker price adjusted for inflation. Kinda sad that the owner all these yrs put less than 3 miles per yr on the car, never enjoyed it, dreaming for that 'big day', but were rudely awakened to a monetized loss. Add insult to injury!
So moral of the story is: drive those 1Ms, don't relegate them to garage queen status in the hopes that maaaaaybe a coulpe of decades from now, they will be worth something a lot more than they are today
This owner owner does justice to his Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing by driving it regularly. He explains why he does it. IMHO the right spirit.

And about that car: timeless, sheer elegance, of course.

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