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KEI7 photo thread

EDIT 2/10/2013

Changed title thread to continue adding photos. (not showing somehow...)

So after putting on coilovers and rims and little bits and pieces I've been fairly quiet on mods for the last couple of months.

Anyway now it's winter in Chicago (not so bad this year), not a very pleasant time to go out and shoot photos...

Anyways got myself a new camera a few weeks back (first DSLR!) and had a chance to go out to Dekalb in the open prairie.

MAN WAS IT COLD... country roads were all icy!!
I had a lot of fun though lol

icy road + FR + winter tires = FUN






The last photo was the night lights when I got back to the city.

Spring is definitely on the way(i hope) and i'm coming back to modding.
Just got myself new front lip, rear diffuser and exhaust, so will update once those are on


So I had enough share of my stock experience, and set on to mods

First things first, wheels changed and coilovers installed as my first and foremost mods.

Wheels and tires I got from a very nice forum member about a month ago and KWs were installed at IND.


F: 8.5J +45 (with 5mm spacers)
R: 9.5J +45 (no spacer)


F: 215/35/19
R: 235/35/19

For height I requested just low enough so that there is no space between the outside wall of the tire and the fender when seen from the side.

Silver V713s look pretty nice on LM Blue I suppose.

Inner treads are starting to disappear ... lol
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