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Originally Posted by Sylon View Post
I'm glad someone pointed that out. Those are not v701's, I have v701's for reference (see sig).

Still looks good though, a bit low for my tastes, but glad you like it. I'm still trying to justify getting coils because I only want a small drop.

oh... i wonder how i got messed up mixing up 701 and 713...

Yes and they ARE 713s

Maybe cuz 701s were under consideration as well... anyway loving these 713s for now

I thought about just the springs but i didnt like the ride of lowering springs (how they tend to get bumpy) only on my former car so i just thought why not go all the way with coilovers

Originally Posted by flinchy View Post
i fit a 245 tire, identical setup, and you can easily EASILY fit a 255 and it's still stretching.

265 would be almost stretched even.

considering 245mm is 9.5 inches.. on a 9.5" wheel, and flush is around 10.5" tire (aka 265mm)

my 245's have a LOT of stretch, your 235's would be retarded... 255 still stretches on and easily fits inside the guard.

ED: and 225 front, even without a 5mm spacer, 225 fits perfectly. if you want the same look, go 225 and drop to a 2-3mm spacer.

or at least go hard and do 205 all around or something ridiculous lol.. i've seen 205's on a 10" or 11" rim, it's so stupid and unsafe :P
Hey thanks for the advice I dont wanna do the fenders
but still im a fan of stretched tires (not too much though) so if 225 and 245 will be okay i might try next time...

Originally Posted by nik0123 View Post
wheels look good When you do your tyres next maybe run 245 I see you are running +45 in the rear offset, I dont know how you would go with a 255 in the rear without rubbing at that height.
yes 245 for rear. Chicago roads are harsh and tough so maybe next time could go with 245 for more safety

Originally Posted by MteK View Post
Looks ok I guess. You gave up performance for looks
Yes you could say that.... i still like the way how they sit so

Originally Posted by ken1137 View Post
Love the v701's...have them on my 335. Maybe paint the calipers to stand out more Cant believe you running like that in've got major cojones GL!
Cojones Yes on stock i definitely was going at higher speed in downtown but now Im more careful... I wonder if that could make me a safer driver in a sense...

I'm thinking about the calipers!! Maybe yellow or blue or red or something.

Originally Posted by EuroTunerz5 View Post
Those tires run very large so a 235 in those looks like a 245.... Sizes can be deceiving on some tires.

Btw didn't I tell you no fender work needed with this set up

THanks for everything! yep, they are fitting perfectly!!!

Originally Posted by 135Pats View Post
Gorgeous, the wheels themselves and the fitment. Really nice
Thanks!! I love them too