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Originally Posted by Uptempo80 View Post
Yes. This is true. My seats are never hot. They resist heat better then you can imagine.

*Oh, and the Taupe...that is the "only" color interior that comes in all 1 color...and I guess that they kept it as the only all 1 color interior because a majority of people ordering 1 series get taupe. It goes with every color just about.

My all grey 1 color interior was not that popular I guess. BMW seems to saving money for production on the current 1 series cars. There must be a parts bin of black plastic bits. Top of seat plastic pull lever trims, full door cards, black leather arm rests and all that stuff...They must have a supply of all this black bits to slap on all the interior choices ordered other than taupe @ the Leipzig plant.

Don't know what to go with yet...but I got some time.
Sapphire black metallic/black/anthricite wood, and a moonlight top would be nice.

I almost got Lemans blue last time, but it looked too dark in some lighting. If I was going to be blue...I would choose blue water

Like I said, I would def. get it again but BMW's interior choices make it a worse look than I currently have and that would make no sense in getting a NEW 1. I'd want it to be better than my current car in the looks department.

*To be honest BMW marketed Blue Water in 2008 in the press catalog with Taupe interior. It probably is the only color right now that looks good with blue water. Only problem with that is you would assume a taupe top would look better than black if you selected a interior color in the tan/brown family. A taupe top would look ideal. (Then it would look like a classy woman's car lol).
What do you mean by "Taupe...that is the "only" color interior that comes in all 1 color..."? If I pick Taupe as my interior color, with Le Mans Blue and a Taupe top, does that mean that the dash, steering wheel, etc. will be Taupe? It does not seem so based on when I built in on bmwusa.