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Originally Posted by andrey_gta
Both are equal for the power gain, which is not alot.
The magnaflow could sound better because of resonator delete.
The bmwp one is also res delete, which is also why i hate the sound (bit of added rasp and unnecessary volume) of both the pe and magnaflow

Te magnaflow inthe vid above sounds like stock but a bit 'farty' and raspy (that's what a res delete does). It also is a terrible cat back because it's only 2.5" piping .. Stock is 2.5 with a small crush, it is BARELY an upgrade (so actually no more, if not less, gains than the bmwpe)

For the same money as either you could get a custom muffler, cat delete, twin 2" from the headers into a 3" or 2.75" (bit quieter) with a res , all stainless and mandrel bent, and mop the floor with both of them -_-

Why people buy these things i don't know

The one reason i am hesitant to follow my own advice is i don't want my car to sound even CLOSE to those videos, it's what's making me contemplate a laptorr seriously