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Originally Posted by bogart View Post
For instance, on the highway today in rush hour traffic. Cruising at about 10-15 mph in 1st gear. Seeing an opening in my mirror, turn the wheel and give it gas.... nothing. Almost got hit and had to turn back into the lane. Tried it again with a little more of a running start to get the turbo spooled up and it was a piece of cake.

Just plain dangerous in my opinion. There's no reason it should do that.
This kind of situation is what scares me. For the most part it is a nuisance that I am adjusting to....but what about when I need to make a low speed evasive maneuver or am in a situation like above?

Just took delivery a few weeks ago and I think a July build date.

Im hoping JB4 helps the issue and if not I will investigate one of these pedal box type products. I understand it is a powerful little car, but leave the finesse to my right foot please. If I can control a 1/4 turn throttle on a sport bike I can handle this car.

I really feel that if someone were to have an accident due to this that they could have a case against BMW.

Edit: Just want to add I have the same kind of scenarios often in roundabouts in town over here. Be cruising up to it around 10-20 mph, another car on roundabout but plenty of time for me to jump in, especially considering I have momentum already, give it gas...nothing. Have had to slam the brakes a few times to keep from just rolling into the path of a car because nothing happened when i pressed the go pedal.