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The 135i won't stop leaving my head...

Hello hello!

I'm on the hunt for a new car, I want something faster, something that isn't FWD. I've been looking at EVO's, STI's, Golf R's, and the thought recurring 135i. I currently own a 2011 GTI, which I really have no complaints about. The interior is nice, and I have done a lot of work to it.

Except, I've hit the wall with modding, $6000 later, my car is still slow and is DSG. I need a 6MT, and I have driven my car 40k miles in 14 months. Evo's and STI's are basically out of my decision, because their interior is worse than base model Hyundai Accent. Basically it's down to the R vs 135i. And I think I've fallen in love with the 135i. This car will also not be getting driven the distance my GTI does... a beater will be in the future if this car is.

I have access to auctions, so I think I'll be going that route if this happens. Questions for you 1 owners...

How skeptical should I be of used 6spd 135i's?

N54 or N55? (My sister has an n54 335 that hasn't really had any issues other than the HPFP 5 minutes after she drove off the lot LOL).

How do you guys like your 1? Stock vs tuned(inevitable)?

Any warnings to BMW and 1 rookies?

Thanks for any answers guys!