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Originally Posted by BMW86 View Post
I couldn't see any M logos on the M3 parts in their photos. It says made by TRW?

Also, had a look at the brakes section and the 'OEM 3 series' pads seem way too cheap.

The cheapest place I could find was ECS for $550ish.
what do you mean $550?
$110 there.. so the $60 or whatever bimmerparts list is probably still fine.

as in the OP (and everything i could find on google) TRW is the OEManufacturer for the M3 suspension components - same part numbers and all.

and even for aftermarket applications, they have a good reputation.

these don't have the M3 stamp as far as i can tell yeah, if that's your thing.. personally.. i'm not driving an M car nor do i want to pretend to, but i'd like to have M car handling, so the parts matter, the 'branding' doesn't.

here you go!

zoom in on that, the M3 part on Turner has TRW stamped

they don't even seem to have M logos? just TRW. Probably not getting them from BMW or something

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