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Originally Posted by Adam111 View Post
So overall you are happy with with the performance sound compared to other system, did you consider any other, as I am in the process of deciding what is a good system which ticks all the boxes
It really depends on what are your picks on "boxes" as you call them; mine for instance are (with no particular order)
a) no or minimal drone
b) refined sound close to stock while cruising in and out of city
c) a deeper tone, more audible while at idle and in routine driving conditions
d) a sharper (call it louder) tone at full throttle acceleration
e) overall not fully altering the stock sound but enhancing it in every way
f) good built quality vs. the stock
g) warranty and reputation of maker and vendor
h) reasonable/competitive pricing
i) aesthetics of the tips and muffler (size, color, material etc.)
j) should give better throttle response especially at non-M mode
k) should rev better at the top end of band due to better flow
l) a bit more hp and torque wherever it is most needed (top of the band)
m) shouldn't create any engine issues including throwing codes, gas smell etc.
n) should be fully bolt on install with no fitment issues
0) should weigh equal or preferably less than the stock

As you see the list of "all boxes" can go on and on, and this is just my list, not even over thought, my personal preferances and expectations. Others may agree or disagree, and could have very different list with different priorities.

After having the 1M since October 2011 and planning to have it and following this Forum since July 2010, my very recently made choice is the following:

stock DPs + N55 mids + Evolve (Supersprint) Race 1M muffler.

I will tell if I will have all I wanted when I receive and install it. Hopefully soon and hopefully it will deliver

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