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Originally Posted by froop View Post
I'm just taking a stab in the dark but maybe the other 3 wheels have been repainted and that one still has the original coat which has been corroded by brake dust. That would explain the lack of rock chips on the other 3 wheels.

I didn't take enough care of my OEM wheels and they looked horrible with all this baked on brake dust. No matter how hard I tried I could not remove it. Someone crashed into me and I had one wheel repainted and I found that the repainted wheel was much easier to clean because the paint on it was fresh.

I've now since painted them all flat black and last weekend I took them off and nano sealed them with Gtechniq C5 Wheel Armor. Hopefully that'll keep them nice and shiny and stop that pesky brake dust from eating into the coat.
Hmm that's an interesting theory. However, I recently replaced one wheel with a brand new wheel (slight bend in the old one). The new one has no issues at all. It's the single wheel that's the problem. I don't know if the brake dust is caked in, or what, because when I try to wash the wheels, the brake dust smears around and doesnt adhere to any cloth or brush that I try to use, and doesn't really come off with just the water. But I do see that there are shiner spots where it's less smeared... But you're probably right. I just don't know why the wheels chips way more than the others. On the lip (which is pretty big/deep) there are dozens of small chips where the polished finish came off and it's shinier underneath. It almost looks like the chipped areas are what the wheel is SUPPOSED to look like (shiny, silver), and the other areas are just dull. Do you think maybe something was wrong with this wheel and the previous owner did a shitty paint job on it, and now the dust adheres to that crappy paint?

Originally Posted by Blue Bottle View Post
Does the wheel armor stuff work ?
I'm honestly afraid to use any armor/sealing product because I'm worried it'll just seal the layer of dust underneath and it'll really be trapped there forever.

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