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Originally Posted by alexmtl_135i View Post
I'm not sure the problem described initially is the same as the problem with the lag introduced by the software update (wibbles and dackelone posts). I had this problem before and looking the videos showing the "software update lag" I can say I don't remember experiencing such strong lag before.

Maybe TX135 can confirm but what I experienced was "nothing happening for 1 second and then as I press the pedal more to get it moving then it unleashes the power". The engine was not responding *at all* for one second, that's why I think the two issues are not linked. Just my 2 cents
That is exactly the feeling. Not a turbo lag, it's an initial non-response. Probably a split second but when you're pulling into traffic it seems a helluva lot longer than that! It's almost like you have to 'pump' the pedal to get it to move, and when it finally catches, it goes like hell. It did it again 15 minutes ago, and again from a dead stop, 1st gear, warm engine, Sport button on.