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Originally Posted by flinchy View Post
ok, OEMbimmerparts can't do lower shipping as they "ship through bongo"

Turner send me a confusing email along the lines of 'that site offers OEM parts but we offer OE BMW parts' to which i replied they're the same (TRW) and same part numbers etc... i'm just assuming he means that they purchase their parts from BMW rather than straight from TRW, i think they're awake right now so a reply should be pretty speedy - he did say that they should be able to get them for the same price though, so fingers crossed
ED: so ECS has exactly the same parts for teh same price.. with the lower shipping they do? ooooooh

There is a difference between OE and OEM.

OE are parts that are sold thru BMW.

OEM are parts that do not meet BMW standards but are sold for a lesser price, in the aftermarket world. What most people would call "seconds".

Many people do not realize that there IS a difference in parts. Even when they "look" the same. Like buying parts off of ebay... there IS a difference... even if the two parts "look" the same. This is why I would only buy parts from a BMW dealer.