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Originally Posted by andrey_gta View Post
yes ECS has parts for lesser shipping cost

Yes TRW is OEM,and not OE BMW
However, TRW is stamped all over OE BMW parts...

I have even seen an image of TRW wishbone with ///M logo filed of !? yeah i am very confused

///M is a trademark of M GMBH blah blah
when not sold by OEBMW you can't legally sell the ///M logo as far as i'm aware

Front Tension Strut - Left Mfg#: 31102283575~TRW
Front Tension Strut - Right Mfg#: 31102283576~TRW
Front Control Arm - Left Mfg#: 31102283577~TRW
Front Control Arm - Right Mfg#: 31102283578~TRW
Headlight Adjustment Rod - Front Mfg#: 37142283867

Sub Total: $375.27 Shipping: $86.05 Total: $461.32

i'm pretty sure that's as cheap as it gets

also, i'm going to have to give a shout out to Doug @ Turner for otherwise exemplary service assistance and extremely quick replies, dealing with my email query in real time

sadly, th price difference of $461 shipped to $685 shipped is WAY too high for me to consider OEBMW parts.. even if i don't get an ///M logo, i'm not driving an M car, my vin doesn't say i am, but i 'm more than happy to go around corners faster than one

Originally Posted by Dackelone View Post
I guess what I am trying to say is...

Say your a company(TRW) that makes parts for a certian auto maker(BMW M)... and you make a whole bunch of widgets for them. But 30% of the widgets fail to meet that company's design specs. What do you do with all those parts that you can not sell? You sell them as aftermarket parts to indi parts stores. THAT is OEM.

ED: @ dack above, TRW doesn't only do the OEM, they do aftermarket for many JDM and USDM vehcles, based on googling the company when i first heard about this malarkey, TRW has a fairly strong brand reputation to uphold, i'm banking on that not being true. sure it could be, but you don't get repeat sales as a large business by screwing over your customers.

also, there may be x many thousand M cars which are guaranteed to get bmw putting the products on.. but how many others want to upgrade their suspension in future as non m cars, or repair failed m bits on an m car... TRW probably sells to OEBMW for less than they sell straight to places like ECS, it's also smart business i'd say?

these parts still come with a manufacturer defect warranty by law even

all the quality complains i can see seem to come back to improper installation - well, unless they're 'made in china' every result that has that complains of qualiy lol

ED: oh and i forgot to say, thanks dack for the CDV DIY guide, seems suuuuuper easy, and $20 odd cheaper :P

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