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Originally Posted by sharkatron View Post
Let us know how it all goes with the parts and all flinchy
will do

assuming it all fits well (pics will be posted of the items close up etc.) there's not much i can do to confirm it's 100% the same strength etc. as OEBMW stuf

though i had another idea, maybe if i email TRW with queries about it, they can clear up whether it's factory seconds or not?

will update with that next lol.

ED: no email for USA, anyone willing to give them a call about it? i'lll shoot an email off to TRW germany as the next best bet i guess.

I just sent
Hello, I just have a couple of questions about TRW parts

Firstly, I understand that TRW is an OEM for various vehicle manufacturers, and my particular query has to do with some BMW parts

The part(s) in question are


The first part is as sold by BMW, a TRW OEM resold part, as far as i'm to understand
The second is sold directly from TRW, identical parts, but not BMW resold
Both are PN# 31102283577 - Front Left control arm for a E90/92/93 BMW M3

The question i have is, would there be a quality difference between purchasing OE BMW parts and purchasing OEM from TRW, do the parts made for BMW specifically have any tighter manufacturing processes or tolerances, are they (the 'Genuine BMW' parts) in any way superior to the OEM TRW parts.


to marketing.germany@trw - and i just found - so i sent it to them too. *waits patiently*

ED: apparently TRW Automotive is 161 on the fortune 500 list :|

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