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I have had this afe intake setup for about 2-3 months now and it appears to function fine. Of course, it does make the car sound like a lear jet but thats not such a problem.

What is a problem, or at least what I see as a problem, is the metal tray that the filter cones sit upon. It gets so very hot!!!! And even on cold nights, the tray will just radiate heat. I also dont have a meth system yet to offset this heat so I cant see the value of this intake with the matel tray as IAT must be like its a 40oC day. I was thinking, when I get home I might just remove the tray altogether but I am unsure if this will expose greater heat or less heat to the cones.

Would having the tray coated in some heat reducing coating be better, obviously the cheap option would be to bin the tray?

Anyone else got on of these intakes?