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Kind of a big deal

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Originally Posted by MDORPHN View Post
Having just spent 3 days at VIR, I'm once again obsessing about how to eliminate the dreadful Corner Braking Control (CBC) function.

Anyone have insight into feasability of replacing the existing ABS Pump controller with one from an E9x M3?

Since the programming is in the controller, this might allow the CBC to be turned off as it is on the E9x M3.

Of course, as must be done whenever this device is replaced, there would need to be some coding to the ecu and, possibly, valve and sensor calibration.

Thoughts/opinions appreciated!

I think this could be a fruitful direction, but before changing the controller, why not compare .TRC coding files of the 1M and M3 to see which settings differ (=tedious job). Next select some sensible CBC related candidate parameters (based on their names, however the parameter names can be very function unrelated unfortunately) and try 1 by 1 to code the 1M with the M3 value, ....

"I'll also check with the boys down at the crime lab, I heard they've got 4 more detectives on the case, they got them working in shifts now". (= silly movie reference) Actually I posted a query on the coding forum to find out if someone knows the CBC related coding parameter, but so far no response. I'm also checking with another source. Hope we can get you sorted.