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Originally Posted by 135-dmc View Post
Hard to say, but the BMW inline 6 is legendary. Incredible that the 128 has the same HP as the E36 M3 I had in the past. I don't think the 4 cylinder will ever be as smooth, but will be able to make a lot of power. The 6 in the 128 has been very reliable for the most part, no one knows about the new 4 yet.
the 240hp m3 was HEAVILY detuned, the proper 3.0 M3 had 282hp and the 3.2 had 320hp (still only 240 in the US, ew)

Originally Posted by Krista128i View Post
Would the 128i 6 cylinder last someone maybe 8-10 years? I'm nice to my cars, I don't put more than 10k miles a year, and I do the oil changes and maintenance when required. I wouldn't track it or anything. Just wondering how reliable it is for those that have them, do you love the car? Would you ever get another one?
easily, mine is ~6 years old now and has absolutely no issues.

i wish it was more modifiable personally (engine wise, 1ers take all the m-suspension stuff lol), but it's quick enough (and the 128's are more modifiable up to the proper 270hp spec easily) and fuel efficient as