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Originally Posted by jl1235;125****1
Look man,

i have already heard all of them. akrapovic, meisterschaft, titanauspuff, and all you can imagine. as for fitement meisterschaft are spot on. and also the build quality of the actual exhaust is amaizing. Not to mention the sound. it is just intoxicating it is far from nice. [It is orgasmic. [I am also in the process of installing the new 3" BMS dp and i beleive the car will sound amaizing. i am leaving the midpipe as is since i want some type of cat or else the car will smell nast nasty. i will post some pics after i install the dps and a video.

But to answer my above question, which would you say is louder? I love the sound of the Meisterschaft but worry that with the N55 mids I have installed, it will be too loud. Are there any videos of the Meisterschaft with N55 mids anywhere?