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Originally Posted by ChrisBuer View Post
I'd love to listen to them beforehand but being in the UK, these exhausts (and 1M's for that matter) are very rare indeed. The chances of hearing either of them on a 1M before buying is very unlikely, so any decision I make will need to be made from either from experience of others on this forum and / or listening to sound clips online.

I also like to do track days of which some have strict dB limits. I think for this reason, the Meisterschaft is probably out (as wonderful as it is!). The Titan from what I've heard online sounds incredible and has a wonderful crackle and burble on the over-run which is ultimately what I'd like from an exhaust. However above all I don't want an exhaust that's going to be boomy and drone when I'm driving sedately on the highway. I made that mistake with my previous car and you couldn't have a conversation in the car at 70mph for all of the noise!

Having said that, the BMW is better insulated than my little Lotus was so even if it's loud on the outside, it's not going to permeate the cabin as much....or I'd imagine this to be the case!
Hi Chris

I got Matt's Eisnemann Race and with the soundpipe (un-resonated) the drone was far too much for me. I now have the original midpipe and its far better but there is still drone. From what I hear the N55 midpipe which I am contemplating will move the drone to a lower rev point but not sure if it will increase the drone level!
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