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Originally Posted by bmw1racer View Post
One would hope.

And would you have to take the car to BMW to have the tire repaired (which apparently they won't do) and have the slime removed? And would/could a regular tire store remove the slime?

Good point.

My German tire dealer has a special machine to wash the wheels in. They charge 8 euros per wheel to clean them. Its looks like a big dish washer. It works really well.

As for the tire that has been "slime'd"... I don't think you can clean all of the old slime out. I think once you use the slime... you are buying a new tire. Dne deal.

The other thing with run flats is you can(should only drive up to 200 kms and only up to 80 kph on a flat) For me, when I had a flat some 500 kms away from home... that would not have worked. And well besides... I had ditched my run flats for regular tires(PS3's). The way the BMW Assist guy explained it to me was like this. Best is a full size(real) spare, then a space saver spare. Last resort is to use the slime. And then your gonna (probably) damage your tire beyond repair. So get ready to buy one or two new tires!

The best bet, is an old school, full size tire. Personally I think not have a full size spare and not having a real (engine) dip stick is pretty dumb on BMW's part. Especially for a car company with MOTOR in its middle name... how can you NOT have a real dip stick!!