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Originally Posted by amk2912
For the benefit of GoPro users who have been chasing the WiFi BacPac and WiFi Remote. As you may know GoPro USA won't ship them to Australia pending "certification" whatever that means...I have just bought 3 of them from a site here in Australia. Ordered Monday, received today!

Set one up today after having to do a firmware upgrade. VERY handy - just set the camera up and turn it on and off when you want - theoretically from up to 180m away!

As we're not supposed to advertise here. PM me if you want to know where I got them from.
Your not allowed to advertise your own products/services. But you can and should share with others where you have received a good deal/service. So unless it's you selling them (pm's are monitored by the way) spill buddy spill.