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Originally Posted by koastal View Post
Gotta say and my comments may seem inflammatory but -Oh well.

First and foremost I think your car and all you are doing to is amazing. It will undeniably be one of the most tastefully and well researched 1Ms in Australia possibly the world.

I suspect your car and would love to be proved wrong is one of these awesome cars that are modified more for "Show rather than go" This in itself is a valid reason. As far as I'm concerned being of a hedonistic nature, anything that gives pleasure is a good thing.
I believe that your comment in regard to GT3 times infers that you either wish to (a) personally achieve these times or (b) have a car that is capable of these times.
I personally hope it is the former.?

blthhhhhttttttttttttssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh lol lol lol lol wouldn't you need a car capable of those times in order to achieve those times, that argument just went arse first dude, let him modify the fuck out of it, its fun, and we all want to see the result