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Originally Posted by koastal View Post
Gotta say and my comments may seem inflammatory but -Oh well.

First and foremost I think your car and all you are doing to is amazing. It will undeniably be one of the most tastefully and well researched 1Ms in Australia possibly the world.

I suspect your car and would love to be proved wrong is one of these awesome cars that are modified more for "Show rather than go" This in itself is a valid reason. As far as I'm concerned being of a hedonistic nature, anything that gives pleasure is a good thing.
I believe that your comment in regard to GT3 times infers that you either wish to (a) personally achieve these times or (b) have a car that is capable of these times.
I personally hope it is the former.?
Don't mean to be rude, but does it really matter?

I think Steve is doing a brilliant job with his car and he's nice enough to spend a lot time meticulously updating us on the progress. I think the community as a whole benefits from his empirical approach.

If you've got nothing positive to add - don't bother.