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Exclamation DIY... How to rid your HVAC of that funky smell...

SONAX KlimaPowerCleaner antibakteriell
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So the other day I was in my German parts store(buying brakes for my e39)... and I saw this product from SONAX at the ordering counter. While my AC system in my 135i works fine and does not smell at all... Some of you might recall I have a old(er) e39 535iA.

My e39 has some "funky" smells inside the car. At first i suspected the former owner was a smoker... even though he said he wasn't. But the more I drove the car the more I thought something was "growing" inside the HVAC system.

I saw this new product from SONAX #03231000 KlimaPowerCleaner antibakteriell and I thought I would give it a try.

It was VERY easy to use! You simply run the car with the AC system on. MAKE sure to hit the recirculate button on the HVAC(and have all the windows up! That way the aerosol product gets run thru the entire AC system. You do not want to stay inside the car either. It says to let the car run for 15 minutes. I ran mine for 20 minutes.

It works like a "rouch (bug) bomb"...

Afterwards the inside of the car will smell somewhat chemical - but by the next morning... the car smelt fine. Two days later I can not even smell the product.

Results? I think it did a great job(!) killing all the mold and bacteria growing inside the car and HVAC system. For very little money (eight euros) this product really worked well. I would recommend it to anyone who has a "smelly" car.

For any of you that have some "funky" AC smells... you might want to try this product. I am sure any of the detailing supply places that sell SONAX can get a hold of this product. Or just order it from Amazon of Germany.

Using the SONAX spray bomb... kind of ironic that the SONAX can has a picture of a 1er interior!
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PS: now I own two cars with red interiors! I did not set out to do that, but thats what I have.
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e82 and e39...
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