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Question Need help removing residue from matte wheels

I had an unfortunate "courtesy" car wash experience at the dealership. Some sort of product was applied to my matte black wheels that left a dried white residue. The manager of the car wash department says he thinks it was the degreaser/cleaner that they apply to the wheels but I am skeptical.

I have cleaned the wheels repeatedly (4X) with PS21 wheel cleaner, but the residue doesn't seem to be affected by the cleaner. However, vigorous rubbing of the residue with microfiber towels when drying the wheels has gotten most of it off. There are still some areas where the residue is very stubborn.

Anyone have any ideas on a product that is good at removing other product? I am concerned about doing anything that would damage the wheels.

I had something similar happen when I applied Poorboys wheel sealant. I may have let the product dry too long, but hand buffing out the pink haze from tha product was also a huge effort.

The attached photo was what the worst wheel looked like before I started cleaning.
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