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"We need a downpayment to approve you for this car" - dealer woes

Hey folks, Ive been lurking around the forums here for a couple of months now, and figured Id post a little experience I had today with my CA since it seems rather shady.

So a little back story - Im a (soon to be) first time BMW owner. Back in June I placed an order for a new 2013 135i intending on doing a 36 month lease. Over the past week or so, me and my CA have been working out details regarding the lease as the car is due to be available for me to pick up on September 10th. He agreed to $500 over invoice, but hes been rather reluctant to budge on a lot of things, so I tried the best I could for him to come down the the ridiculous markups on things he was trying to push. I got a voicemail from him about an hour ago stating that I needed to put down a $4000 cap cost reduction in order to be approved for the car...........This is after I explicitly said that I didnt want to put anything down up front for the lease.

So what I want to know, is this normal!?! Based on what Ive seen here on bimmerpost and on the bimmerfest forums, the approval process through BMWFS is either you're approved or not approved. Not approved only if you fork over a sack of money.