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Originally Posted by Greg@DetailedImage View Post
For quick cleanings and light protection I would normally recommend the Chemical Guys Meticulous Matte Detailer (MMD). Given your description this may not be enough so I'd recommend something a bit stronger that is still gentle like the P21S Total Auto Wash. Spray it on the face of the wheel or a microfiber towel and wipe with light pressure it should be able to remove those build ups.

Hope this helps!

Greg @ DI
Greg, so once I am successful removing the residue with the PS21 Autowash, what is your recommendation for routine cleaning/protection of the wheels finish going forward? Meticulous Matte or PS21 wheel cleaner or other? I am using OEM brake pads so dust is heavy, but the dust build-up doesn't bother me and I don't wash the car that frequently.

Any real protection benefit for the wheels in using the Poorboy wheel sealant? Getting if off once it dried to a haze was difficult on my wheels, I assume because of the matte finish.

Also, I have BMW black leather interior that has never been cleaned or conditioned. No issues, but just want to give it the benefit of some treatment. Don't want to use anything that will add shine or be slippery, just clean and condition. Product recommendations?

My order pending your reply. Thanks!
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