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Originally Posted by Vectorsumio View Post
I bought the B12's I'm in the states and it's like nobody even knows that product exists...

The current setup (stock) is just far to crashy/bouncy for confidence. Body roll doesn't bother me at all with stock but with the micro bouncing all over the place and the rear "skipping" out on the tiny bumps like "school crossing" paint on the road it's just unacceptable.

Drop is right where you want it and the progressive rate gives me the comfort I need... I think? It's been a 2 month order time since, as I said before... NOBODY has these in the states.

They come in around October, I'll give you an entire write-up if you able to wait that long... someone put them on their 128i and the drop looked perfect. The review wasn't bad either. But that's where I put my money and am willing to wait for them for 3 months!
Were did you buy the b12 kit from? ive googled it and no one in the world has this kit not even Bilstein in fact they said they were "thinking" about making this product.